Private Cloud


As business becomes increasingly digital, IT needs to deliver more applications and data services quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale. Defining the right Cloud strategy can give IT the competitive edge to lead the organization through digital transformation and into the Cloud era.
Go private, then effortlessy evolve is the first step in simplifying on a modern foundation.

Infotech simplifies and speeds up how businesses can build and manage their desired Cloud approach. Picking the correct platform for Cloud transformation can make a difference between success or more challenges. A platform that offers speed and scalability for deployment, updates, and recoveries, operations that don’t sacrifice reliability and security and can free business from the complexity and cost of legacy IT. Compare these capabilities to specific business requirements and challenges and add your business to the Infotech Cloud as needed. Any workload can be moved or migrated to Infotech Private Cloud.(Azure, Hyper-V, AWS, VMware NUTANIX).


Eliminate storage silos

Data management needs to be an integral part of your Private Cloud. Infotech Private Cloud solutions ensure businesses can support the provisioning of multiple, independent storage types within a single platform for databases, applications, users, archives, backups, and other use cases that all businesses can benefit from.


Enable ITaaS and simplify management

Traditional IT operation management tools were built for static three-tier infrastructures. They can overwhelm IT with their complexity. Infotech Private Cloud solutions use machine learning and task automation to intelligently optimize the environment, proactively detect anomalies, and enable IT teams to automate operations with ease.


Security is one of the main advantages to building your Private Cloud. Infotech’s Private Cloud Solutions protect a business Cloud with native data encryption, app-centric micro segmentation, and real-time security auditing that give your organization the assurance it needs. This allows application builders to focus on code and application design, not the infrastructure or Cloud connectivity.

Start your business transformation today with Infotech Private Cloud foundation and eliminate silos in your business datacentre and your organization so that you can focus on innovation instead of remediation—all with a dramatically lower TCO. Customers have the option to deploy their own Virtual Firewall Appliance whatever product they use. With secure VPN/IPSEC/SSL to the virtual data centre.



Gain visibility into the true cost of your Cloud. The best way to keep Cloud usage under control is to see actual usage at different levels of granularity, including business units, departments, teams, and individuals. Infotech’s Private Cloud solutions provide the ability to visualize cloud consumption across both Public and Private Clouds and directly enforce spend policies, if needed.

Data protection

and Disaster Recovery

Maintain application and data availability. A Private Cloud can support everything from traditional Enterprise applications to the latest Cloud-native apps—including business-critical applications and data. Infotech Private Cloud Solutions ensure a high level of infrastructure resiliency, self-healing to eliminate fire drills, and built-in capabilities like snapshots, clones, and replication to tailor to specific needs. Product agnostic neutral DR WORKLOAD hosting with support for Azure, Hyper-V, AWS, VMware NUTANIX on Infotech Private Cloud.

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