Stop Ransomware in Its Tracks with InfiniGuard® InfiniSafe®

Cyberattacks are a real and growing threat, and organizations should not underestimate the potentially painful consequences. It has been well established that cyberattacks will target your backup environment first! Thus, reducing your ability to effectively respond, and gaining leverage for their demands. Be smarter. Implement InfiniGuard with InfiniSafe to guard against a plethora of threats from cyberattacks, technical breakdowns, and disasters, to sheer human error. InfiniGuard with InfiniSafe gives you the confidence you need to rapidly recover your data and get your organization back up and running.

A Closer Look at InfiniSafe

InfiniGuard’s native InfiniSafe capabilities take protection and recovery even further. InfiniSafe protects against the effects of ransomware attacks with four foundational technologies which are key to a cyber recovery solution:


Immutable Snapshots

Immutable snapshots cannot be deleted or changed. Infinidat’s expert support works with you to configure your system snapshots to be optimized for your cybersecurity needs, including retention settings, schedules, and associated policies. It is not possible for a malicious actor, or an inexperienced IT staff member, to change these settings or delete any existing immutable snapshot.


Logical Air-Gapped Protection

Ensuring that the data being protected is isolated from other areas of the system is of the utmost importance. Other solutions require the data to be moved by copy or replication to a separate system adding cost and complexity. InfiniSafe technology does this locally, saving cost and removing complexity.


Fenced Forensic Network

A completely private network that is utilized for data validation and recovery. InfiniGuard with InfiniSafe enables the protection of your entire backup storage via Infinidat’s immutable snapshots. Each deduplication engine (DDE) can be restored to a point in time separately. InfiniSafe or discovery tests can also be enabled in a standby environment.


Near-instantaneous Recovery

Making data available as quickly as possible is key when trying to restore if attacked. InfiniSafe allows you to get all your known good and validated data back and available for restore in minutes, regardless of the backup repository size. You pay no penalty in time even at petabyte-scale. Recovery must become systematic, fast, and verifiable with near instantaneous recovery from any point in the history of the data. A simple-to-use, isolated test environment enables businesses to verify data before restoring it to the business operational environment. Additionally, this environment supports routine validation of secure backups without interrupting day-to-day backup operations, all without secondary systems and with no data movement.
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